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Swayze Optical, Inc.
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Phone: (503) 777-7980

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SteveMirror Pic

Steve Swayze - and his 40-inch f/5 mirror


We are here to serve the needs of amateur astronomers and telescope builders who are looking for high quality Newtonian mirrors at reasonable prices.

We can supply the optics you need for your telescope.

We can refigure your mirror to improve it's performance.


Good optics are the heart of a fine telescope. Grinding and polishing the mirror is the most difficult part of making a telescope. And the most critical.  Mirror-making is a hobby that has been around for many years, and many people have put their hands to the task, but it is time consuming, requiring a great deal of skill, patience and perseverence. Especially when the mirror gets big. And especially if you strive for excellence. One of the hardest things is to know how to test optics, interpret what you see, and know what to do from there to correct the optical surface to the desired parabolic curve. Steve Swayze has become a master at this delicate craft.