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      Swayze Optical uses fine-annealed 7740 pyrex from one of the largest U.S. optical suppliers. Sizes are now offered from 12.5-inch to 25-inch with your choice of thickness, focal length, and coatings. We recommend staying with 2-inch glass on the 25-inch mirror.

    The best possible surface smoothness and accurate correction are obtained through a series of tests. For final figuring we use the Ross Null Test which employs a certified reference lens.  Steve has proven these methods by his years of experience and the many mirrors he has made. Since the Ross Null Test is a null test, we have no zone measurements or certifications available. Your mirror is figured to a smooth null. Experience in the field has shown that this method provides exceptional results, and outstanding views. Our mirrors are well within the diffraction-limited envelope. No inaccurate wave front claims or misleading expectations are made. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Every mirror can be custom-tailored to your specific needs from glass thickness, diameter, focal length, and choice of coatings from Spectrum Coatings up through 24-inch. For the 25-inch we use Intermountain Optics. Delivery time is currently running 120 to 180 days depending on mirror size and backlog of orders.

For pricing please call or emails us using the contact infromation at the top of the page