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     Are you questioning how good that mirror of yours really is? Let us test it for you. A series of tests is very inexpensive, and our refiguring prices are the best available in the event you need to have some work done on your mirror to bring it up to high quality standards of correction and smoothness.

     Is your mirror in need of a new coating? Have it tested before you spend money on a new coating! This is an excellent time to have this work done on your mirror!  Since you have to ship it to the coating company anyway, ship it to us first instead. We will do the necessary work and then ship it to the coating company from here. Your mirror will arrive back on your doorstep better than ever with its new coating.

    We use the foucault test, the Ronchi test, and the Ross Null Test which employs a certified reference lens. Steve has proven these methods by his years of experience and many satisfied customers. No inaccurate wave front claims or misleading expectations are made. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Notes explaining test results are included with each mirror.

    Depending on the condition of your mirror, there may be a big difference in the cost to have this work done. Best case scenario: your mirror is undercorrected, overcorrected, or has zones/roughness. The majority of mirrors fall into this category. This won’t take much work for us to fix, and the cost is very reasonable. Somewhat harder to fix, and more time consuming, would be a badly turned edge. Worst case scenario: your mirror suffers from astigmatism, or is badly scratched. This would require regrinding, polishing, and final correcting, and would therefore entail more work and a higher cost.

     We will thoroughly test your mirror in order to determine just what your mirror needs, and then discuss it with you. The result is to save you the most money to have this work done. Our goal is to fix your mirror for the lowest cost.

Coatings on mirror sizes through 24" are done by Spectrum Coatings. 25" and larger are done at Intermountain Optics. There are some other coatings available from other coating companies. If something different is desired, call or email us. Your mirror is shipped directly to you from the coater. If a different shipping address is desired, please specify. Spectrum Coatings can do enhanced coatings for $25.00 additional on mirrors up through 18" in size. For 20" through 24" add $80.00 additional. Enhanced coatings are not recommended. You may wish to look at Spectrum's web page:  Click here ----->  Spectrum Coatings

Prices below do not include shipping to and from the coater.
Note: The testing fee is not charged if you have the refiguring work done.

Mirror Aperture:
Testing Fee
Refigure Only
Coating Fee
12.5" - 13"
14" - 15"
17.5" - 18"