Steve Swayze's Resume
and Qualifications

Swayze Optical, Inc.
7635 SE Deardorff Rd.
Portland, OR 97236
Phone: (503) 777-7980

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Steve & Grinding Machine

Steve busy grinding on a 22-inch mirror.

     Steve has been making telescope mirrors for twenty-four years now, and his reputation is spreading as an exceptional optician. He now works exclusively on large mirrors. (12.5" to 30"). Great care and personal attention from Steve goes into each and every hand-figured mirror. Steve is now devoting himself to a full time career in optical manufacturing.

     Many amateur astronomers now enjoy the fantastic views from Steve Swayze's diffraction-limited optics. Steve's mirrors have been favorably compared side-by-side, under excellent seeing conditions, to the finest mirrors available from the biggest and best well-known manufacturers. You will not be disappointed with one of Steve's mirrors.

      Steve's reputation has been built in the Pacific Northwest on honesty and quality in mirrors ranging from 6-inch to 40-inches in size. Check out our photo gallery to see some of Steve's work. Besides being an exceptional optical craftsman, Steve has produced some of the most beautiful, hand-crafted telescopes in the world. His woodworking skills have earned him many accolades, including merit awards:

      Three entries at the annual Riverside Telescope Makers convention, in three years, earned Steve Three Merit Awards in a row. The first award, in 1993, was for outstanding work on his beautiful 30-inch truss-tube reflector. The second award, the following year, was for his awesome 40-inch f/5 reflector. You can see this beautiful instrument on our photo page. It has been written about and photographed for major magazines, including Astronomy. Steve and his brother Bruce spent over 4 months grinding and figuring the mirror and Steve worked close to a year building this instrument. His third award, the following year, was for a giant pair of binoculars. The twin 12-1/2" mirrors were made by Steve to an identical focal length and exceptional figure, and the views are unbelievable. Please see the photos.

        Steve has also earned merit awards and honorable mention at the annual Table Mountain Star Party, and was a featured speaker there one year, taking a large enthusiastic crowd on a tour around his 40-inch telescope, as he described how it was built and answered questions. A series of articles written by Bruce detailing how it was built were published in the Rose City Astronomers newsletter.

Steve and his telescopes are always a hit whenever he shows up at star parties. Long lines of people waited up to an hour or more at Riverside and Table mountain for a chance to have a view through these instruments. Steve's telescopes have been all over the northwest, and to Montana, California, Hawaii, and to the southern tip of Baja.

        Perhaps the best testimonials come from people who own or have viewed through Steve's optics. It's very gratifying to hear the things said by owners of Steve's mirrors, and the comments overheard at star parties. We will have links to these people's pages, as they become available online, or you can ask us for referrals, which we will be happy to supply.